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Ligament Sprains

Saltergate Physiotherapy

Ligaments are the soft tissue structures attaching from one bone to another across a joint.

They stabilise the joint and create a natural limit to its movement.

When this natural limit is exceeded, or excessive force is applied to them they can become sprained or even ruptured.

The ligaments on the outside of the ankle are often injured when we ‘go over’ or ‘turn our ankle’.

We may loose our footing on uneven ground or fall off the edge of the curb causing the foot to point downwards and inwards as our body weight forces excessive movement to occur before the muscles in the back and side of the lower leg can support us.

This causes damage to the ligaments running from the fibula to the heel bone (Calcaneus) and the Talus, which is one of the bones in the foot.

The ankle will swell, and may bruise. Pain will often be felt in the front and outer side of the ankle.

Early application of a Rest Ice Compression Elevation (or RICE) regime will help to limit the amount of swelling and gentle movement of the joint should be undertaken as soon as possible to prevent stiffness and help the healing process.

Electrotherapy treatment will help further to reduce pain and swelling, as well as allowing the damaged structures to start healing as strongly as possible.

A graded exercise programme progressing from non weight bearing, to partial weight bearing to fully functional will gradually increase the stress put through the ligament as it heals and help the scar tissue to form as strongly as possible, thus helping to minimise the chances of the problem recurring again.

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