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Saltergate Physiotherapy

Some headaches can be caused by problems in the upper part of the neck.

Pain often starts at the back of the head, then spreads up and over the top. There can also be pain along the forehead, the brow or even behind the eye.

Pain at the side of the head, in the temples, is also common.

These pain patterns can be in one side of the head, or both.

Saltergate Physiotherapy

It can also cause other associated problems such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears or problems with the jaw.

For a very long time the accepted belief was that headaches were caused by alterations in the blood flow passing through the neck into the brain.

Over the last 20 years work done by Mr Dean Watson, an Australian physiotherapist, has show that a significant number of headaches are due to mechanical problems in the first 3 vertebrae of the neck and that they can be treated by working in this area.

This type of headache is common in people who have very sedentary lifestyles or work frequently with display screen equipment.

Saltergate Physiotherapy

Saltergate Physiotherapy