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Groin Pain

Saltergate Physiotherapy

A classic groin strain happens when the leg moves suddenly out to the side, stretching the adductor muscles on the inside of the upper thigh.

It can also strain the Deep Lateral Rotator muscles of the hip, which are situated internally within the pelvis.

However it is not the only thing that can cause groin pain...

A strain of the abdominal muscles or an inguinal hernia can also cause pain in the groin area. Referred pain from the low back or Sacro-iliac joint are also possibilities.

A good examination is essential in order to establish the nature of the problem, especially if the pain seems to have come on gradually, or without a specific mechanism of injury.

If the problem is with the groin musculature then local physiotherapy treatment consisting of electrotherapy, stretching and strengthening exercises should resolve the issue.

Saltergate Physiotherapy